Nationalism is now one of the seven dirty words

There’s a large faction of the liberal left making the term nationalism a very dirty word.

They are attacking it in every definition. Look at the Mexican border. Look at the White House tariffs. Look at the recent Armistice Day speech by French President Emmanuel Macron defining the term as a negative with the President sitting there.

The liberal media brand President Trump of being guilty of human rights violations for upholding the existing laws of the land. Look at the coverage of the Mexican border crisis. You can say our immigration laws are broken, but that does not mean we should abandon them and allow a horde of Central American natives to stream across as the answer to a broken law.

While the term’s first definition is positive for now, the second meaning and the synonyms all have negative connotations.

noun: nationalism
patriotic feeling, principles, or efforts.
synonyms: patriotism, patriotic sentiment, flag-waving, xenophobia, chauvinism, jingoism

“their extreme nationalism was frightening”
  • an extreme form of this, especially marked by a feeling of superiority over other countries.

There is nothing negative about Trump’s stance on nationalism from the building of the wall to leveling the playing field in trade through tariffs. He unlike past presidents is actually upholding his Constitutional duty as Commander-in-Chief to protect the borders and to put Americans first among equals, with no foreign entanglements, as George Washington cited in his farewell speech.

On the recent GM closing plants story, Trump is right to question CEO Mary Barra on the company’s decision on which plants to close. Also to bring up how the government bailed out the company when it teetered on bankruptcy.

But Barra must answer to shareholders and cannot afford to take a nationalistic approach. However, GM should not be looking for a backstop next time it is in trouble using the nationalistic chant of saving American jobs.

The left will take the word nationalism and attach modifiers to it to paint it as dangerous and evil. White nationalism, lunatic nationalism and extreme nationalism.

The word patriot is also used to smear people who do not uphold the left’s view of globalism, which is the antithesis of sovereignty. One only has to look to Europe to see how globalism and open borders have changed forever the lives of hundreds of millions of people.

How politicians in the European Union have bent over backwards to alter laws to accommodate Muslim refugees from north Africa and the Middle East. And it’s very easy to do that when you don’t have the burden of paying much to defend those borders, since they have NATO and the US paying for it.

I believe we are no more than five years away from seeing that globalism’s grand experiment of the European Union come crashing down in flames over its misguided tenet of open borders.

And what will bring down the EU? A backlash of nationalistic pride by a people who are tired and fed up with losing their rights to a growing horde of people who would rather see them dead. And the Liberal left will paint this as a return to Nazism, when in fact the left brought it about through their own ideological failures of socialistic thought.

So I feel the nationalism movement in the US is coming at the right time. There is a very good chance that politically it can heed the will of the citizens without the need for violent overthrow, which we will see in Europe.

The pendulum is moving in that direction.


Globalists hate the idea of nationalism

President Trump when talking about the caravan and his moves to defend the southern border with Mexico recently stated:

“You know they have a word, it sort of became old-fashioned, it’s called ‘nationalist.’ And I said, really? We’re not supposed to use that word. You know what I am? I’m a nationalist, OK? I’m a nationalist.”

At the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day marking the end of World War I over the weekend French President Emmanuel Macron said this in regards to President Trump’s statement :

“Patriotism is the exact opposite of nationalism. Nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism by saying ‘our interests first, who cares about the others.’ We erase what a nation holds dearest, what gives it life, what makes it grace, and what is essential – its moral values.“

What is the alternative to nationalism and why has that word taken on such a negative connotation?

The definition of nationalism from a political standpoint is: A political, social, and economic system characterized by the promotion of the interests of a particular nation, especially with the aim of gaining and maintaining sovereignty over the homeland.

The first synonym is patriotism.

The flip side of nationalism is globalism, which Macron and other EU member leaders must need to subscribe to since they cannot defend their borders from what Brussels dictates to them.

Macron, Merkel et al have lost their sovereignty to unelected officials dictating policies of what France or Germany et al will do. Think of the refugees changing the face of Europe.

When does nationalism turn into an extreme form marked by a feeling of superiority over other countries? When the native citizens begin to feel powerless over dictates that they have no recourse from these rules affecting their lives.

Macron may be too young to remember — perhaps he should ask his wife — how American troops freed the French from occupation during the two world wars, since their patriots were unable to defend their homeland.

Now of course Brussels is quite worried that Trump’s tariffs will correct the many years that the EU took advantage of loop-sided US trade policies. So they sent their French puppet out to take a jab at the American president.

President Trump should remember you only take flak when you are over the target.

This trade war is about nationalism, not steel

I have to laugh at the reaction to the alleged trade wars on the hike in tariffs.

“Oh Canada is going to charge us more for maple syrup!” “French wine prices will rocket!”

Listen there’s nothing to fear in the trade war, since it’s really more a skirmish than a war. The US has been getting beat up for years on steel prices alone.

The idea that anyone in the world would not trade with the US over a trade war is ridiculous since we are the largest buyer of whatever someone is selling.

And we have more of what the world wants generally than any other country, think corn and soy.

The entire world — despite a push by some for a globalist agenda — is moving towards nationalistic bent. There are too many outcasts in a global economic model to make it successful on grand stage.

Look at Italy waving its hand in a manic gesture of nationalism in its latest election fiasco. Moving away from the euro, threatening to deport hundreds of thousands illegal aliens.

Not so quietly immigration policies in the EU are being questioned by the populace as countries from Greece to Sweden are seeing their way of life changing for the worse in the last 5 years. Nationalistic pride developed over thousands of years being wiped out in less than a decade.

While here in the US — where immigration was in the forefront in the 2016 election — the trade/tariff issue is more about jobs. This tilt toward nationalism and reviving the shuttered rust belt steel industry has greater implications for the Midwest than just raising steel prices for US imports.

The region is so devastated by opioid addiction that getting these people a glimmer of hope for the future is worth so much more. Vast areas of western Pennsylvania through southern Illinois have been so crippled by industry leaving and a way of life that vanished, something had to be done to tip the scale the their direction.

So while the globalist and their leftist mouthpieces in the media talk of the dreaded tariffs and trade wars, President Trump and leaders of other countries in the EU are sticking with the side of the losers in doing what’s right for their citizens.

The pendulum swings both ways and now its headed back towards nationalism.

Damn what the price of maple syrup is. I personally get mine from New Hampshire.

Trump's nationalistic fervor may be spreading

I believe I see the link between Donald Trump and Nazism that his most hated opponents are making, but it’s not the connection they want you to make.

The common bond between Trump and Adolf Hitler is nationalism, which the Third Reich took to the utmost extreme.

Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan and his “Build The Wall” rhetoric smacks the globalist, free-trade advocates in the face.

Trump is calling for tariffs and closed borders to unfair trade pacts, which have decimated American manufacturing jobs for the last three decades.

And now with dozens dead and scores wounded in the Brussels bombings Tuesday and the recent massacres in France, how long before Europe considers closing its borders to middle eastern nationals. Any government — including the European Union — can only be measured in its effectiveness by its ability to protect its citizens.

The French prime minister stated shortly after the latest bombings in Brussels, “We are at war. We have been subjected for the last few months in Europe to acts of war.”

So how far off is Trump’s nationalistic bent?

When economies suffer protracted periods of little or no growth, the masses get restless. This was the case during the 1930’s in Germany as well as the last decade in America.

Despite what the government reports as the US unemployment rate, most Americans are worse off today than 10 years ago, based on wages and benefits.

This is the force that is driving the Trump campaign. The pendulum is swinging back in the US, after eight years of creeping socialism a silent minority has found a vehicle to voice its objections.

So into this fray walks in Trump with his nationalism and it has united the far-right and far left globalists.

There is not much common ground between the ultra conservative Koch brothers and the ultra liberal financier George Soros politically but when they both agree a Trump presidency is the worse thing that can happen for their agendas, you know he is riling up the globalists.

For me, this is a distinction I can see merit in.

So the Hitler tag placed on Trump by extremists both right and left — right now — may be playing into the hands of people who want to see no borders and no restrictions on the trade, which they profit handsomely from. This chorus may get louder and broader as we move closer to the Republican convention, but you have to follow the money to see where the message originates from.