Goodell’s latest fumble: 60% of Brits bored with NFL football

The NFL suffered another kick in the shins on Wednesday, to add to all the bruises it took on this season with diminishing TV ratings and empty seats at home games.

Commissioner Roger Goodell has been pushing for international expansion of American football as a way to placate owners who fear revenue shortfalls in the next TV contract talks. Continue reading


NFL continues to suffer #emptyseats

Another Monday morning and its another come to Jesus moment for the NFL.

While the TV networks stopped showing the National Anthem protests, in the hopes that people will forget about them, social media has done a spectacular job of showing how far attendance is off. Continue reading

Perhaps Goodell should take a knee and not re-up his contract

While the National Football League battles its players over taking a knee during the National Anthem, its commissioner, Roger Goodell, is talking contracts, his own specifically. Continue reading