Clinton campaign used FBI to spy on President Trump

I am having a difficult time figuring out why this news took so long to come out.

The Clinton election team had the FBI spying on the Trump campaign. Continue reading


Bezos, Schultz and their pure hypocrisy in Seattle

The hypocrisy of Jeff Bezos and Howard Schultz is so absolutely delicious.

The blowback Amazon and Starbucks are giving the city of Seattle over a new tax being levied on employers to help fund homelessness programs in the city is classic “do what I say, not what I do”. Continue reading

Jeff Immelt’s DC love affair costs GE shareholders dearly

Well now we have a clearer pitcher of what former GE chairman and CEO Jeff Immelt was doing toward the end of his executive run.

He was blowing up a great company and screwing over the US economy at the same time. Quite an achievement for a former X-ray machine salesman. Continue reading

Will the NFL come up a Hail Mary tonight?

I’m sure NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and his executive team huddled up in their Park Ave. offices to devise a game plan for this upcoming weekend’s games.

Something has to be done to stem the slide in ratings, with perhaps some cooler heads suggesting the league not defy the President so openly. I’m just not sure there is that voice in the huddle.

Through the first three weeks od the season, NFL game ratings are down 11 percent compared to 2016, according to Nielsen data. That is a further slide since ratings for the entire 2016-2017 regular season fell by 8% from the year prior.

Nationally available games averaged 17.63 million viewers for the first three weeks of last season, and have dipped to 15.65 million this year, according to Nielsen data. Regional games are not figured into this measure.

So the drop in ratings is not a result of a POTUS Tweet. It’s long-term and should be alarming to the top execs at Fox, CBS, NBC and ESPN.

Remember, last season that Colin Kaepernick taking a knee was not about President Trump or President Obama (who was still in office). It was about police killing an unarmed black man.

It became Trump’s fight after his tweet last Friday night, when he said the NFL should make the players honor the flag during the National Anthem.

We’ll see if Goodell’s office came up with a Hail Mary play tonight.


Obama wooing Wall $treet

Look who is wooing Wall Street — former President Obama.

Less than a year of leaving the White House Obama has lined up three high-profile speaking gigs to some of the most powerful financial firms.

Last week Obama spoke to the Carlyle Group, one of the world’s biggest private equity firms with assets under management over $160 billion.

The DC-based financial firm has had many former politicians on board as advisors, including former President George H. W. Bush, who was senior advisor to the Carlyle Asia Advisory Board from April 1998 to October 2003 and former President Bush’s Secretary of State James Baker III.

Obama is also scheduled next week to give the  keynote speech at investment bank Cantor Fitzgerald’s health-care conference

Cantor Chief Executive Officer Howard Lutnick told Bloomberg the former president will make remarks and take questions. The three-day conference for current and prospective clients begins Sept. 25. Obama will be paid about $400,000, according to a person familiar with the arrangement.

And it’s not just speaking fees that has the former president cozying up to bankers. A former Goldman Sachs banker is the financial advisor to the Obama Foundation —  Robbie Robinson.

So much for his “fat cat” reference that Obama made about bankers in the midst of the Great Recession in 2009.