Flynn’s exoneration will lead to bigger booms

The Department of Justice has dropped all charges against Lt. Gen Mike Flynn putting another nail in the Russia, Russia, Russia coffin.

As I  wrote back in May 2019, once the evidence came to light that Flynn was set up by the FBI, he would be exonerated.

So what comes next?

Well look for US federal attorney John Durham to bring criminal charges against the FBI’s bad actors.

Charges could be brought against FBI agent Peter Strzok and FBI lawyer Lisa Page. These two reconstructed the damning interview narrative against Flynn.

Then there is Deputy Director of the FBI, Andrew McCabe who set up the plan to take down Flynn as well as his boss FBI chief James Comey.

That’s the chain of command when it comes to the Flynn trial. However once the FISA declassification is released by Durham we will discover the bad actors in the intelligence agencies.

The FISA declassification release could include a number of indictments of intelligence chiefs for spying on Americans.

The biggest boom could be that President Obama was updated on all these nefarious actions in his Daily Intelligence briefings.

Time will tell how expansive this attempted coup radiated.