Gen. Flynn, Pientka may be working with Durham

There are plenty of complications in order for former Trump National Security Advisor  Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn to be exonerated.

A major roadblock is said to be the testimony of FBI agent Joe Pientka before Federal Attorney John Durham’s grand jury.

Pientka along with FBI agent Peter Strzok interviewed General Flynn in Jan. 2017. Most of the documents from that interview including the 302 forms, which contain Pientka’s original notes, are missing.

Pientka was said to be transferred to the FBI’s San Francisco office in late 2017. However his named has been removed from the staff listing and there is no further news on whether he was transferred elsewhere or retired.

Pientka’s grand jury testimony could confirm that after the initial White House interview he came to the conclusion that General Flynn was not lying about a phone call with then-Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak over the Obama-era expulsion of Russian diplomats.

The current FBI file on this interview — rewritten many times by FBI lawyer Lisa Page and Strzok — suggests otherwise.

The second complication in Flynn’s case is dealing with his first law firm Covington & Burling. C&B has stymied Flynn’s new lawyer Sidney Powell’s request for any and all documents pertaining to the case.

Part of that request includes the telephone records “specifically” of two high-profile Covington lawyers: former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder Jr., Obama’s  Justice Department chief and Michael Chertoff, a former secretary of homeland security.

This request becomes more important after video of ex-FBI chief James Comey’s revelations that he took advantage of Flynn by just door-knocking the incoming National Security Advisor at The White House during the early days of the Trump administration instead of going through proper channels.

The last point on the Flynn case is one I am trying to stand up, but like many covering this trial, will have a difficult time breaking since there are no leaks coming out of Durham’s office.

Has General Flynn spoken to Durham or given sworn testimony to his empaneled grand jury? It very well could be the case, which is why his sentencing on the original guilty plea has been postponed so many times by DC Federal Judge Emmet Sullivan.

Sullivan was originally a strong proponent of jailing Flynn early on, but has since softened his stance to the point where he may now accept a change of plea due to all the new revelations in the case.

Remember Flynn was also the Obama administration’s Director of National Intelligence until Aug. 2014 until he was ousted over the White House’s refusal to combat radical Islamic groups in Middle East.

This could provide information on the earliest formation of the “Russia, Russia, Russia” plot of spying on possible 2016 Republican candidates including; Sen. Ted Cruz, Dr. Ben Carson and Donald Trump.

Plenty of news to come very soon.

A quick hit

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, laid out part of his “Re-imagine NY” plan on Wednesday with an announcement at his daily news conference.

Working under the premise of Winston Churchill’s axiom “Never let a good crisis go to waste,”  Cuomo said he has asked former Microsoft co-founder and billionaire Bill Gates to chair a committee to advise the state on technology and school curriculum.

The governor also said former Google chairman Eric Schmidt would take a technology commission chairman role advising on Telehealth, remote learning and broadband access.

Gentlemen, good luck dealing with the teacher’s union.


3 thoughts on “Gen. Flynn, Pientka may be working with Durham

  1. Oh, Great!!! Just what we need in NYS!! 😉 Puhleeeeeese!!! Who made this man King of the World???!!! The lines are being cleanly drawn….aren’t they?!!!


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