Ruth Bader Ginsberg obituary briefly ran on Fox News

Fox News aired a graphic for 3 seconds Monday afternoon showing that Ruth Bader Ginsberg had passed away.

The “tribute” showed (below) 1933-2019 and did not give a specific date.

Was it just some holiday temp worker pushing the wrong button or was Fox tipping off viewers that it already had happen?

Stay tuned.


RBG on the watch

We have a post at 3:19 am Friday below.

And then 17 minutes later we have the long repost on Ruth Bader Ginsberg and her activist judicial history prior to joining SCOTUS.
There is not confirmation of RBG passing at 7am EST Friday, however that may come very soon perhaps. according to an earlier post 3:15 was the time on a watch
More later as news develops.

Will Ginsberg news trump President’s border wall announcement? We’ll see

I’m going out on a limb in today’s post with what Dr. Joseph P. Farrell calls high-octane speculation.

Associate Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s death will be announced this afternoon at roughly 3:14 pm EST.

How do I know? I putting two separate items together. The 2647 drop from Saturday and that the President will address the nation on border security this evening at 9 pm.

Like the important Dec. 5, 2018 Congressional hearings that had to be canceled due to the death of President George H W Bush, the death of Ginsberg will make the President delay his speech or at least overshadow it in the news.

I don’t feel comfortably making this prediction, but I feel it will come true in the pit of my stomach. So let’s leave it here for now and see if it plays out later today.