NFL stalls the wall for Super Bowl

I write this with only slightly tongue in cheek, but who is the biggest winner of President Trump and Speaker Pelosi agreeing to stall the wall for three weeks?

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

The unofficial national holiday of the Super Bowl is scheduled to kick off next Sunday evening in Atlanta and nobody wanted to hear how bad the traveling was to get there.

I kid you not. It was more important to get the TSA back to full force at Hartsfield Airport than fight further over the shutdown.

The travel nightmare was mentioned during last week’s game briefly just to grease the wheels of the NFL lobbyist, who were certainly working the phones and shoe leather with Congressional leadership and the White House all this week.

In three weeks time, we still do not have a spending resolution with border wall funding, then I believe this theory will be confirmed.

That’s how powerful the NFL is.