Slam the brakes on CoVid-19 restrictions

America needs to pump the brakes on Covid-19 restrictions.

This pandemic has taken away more freedoms than the Homeland Security Act did after 9/11.

We have lost social freedoms that we thought could never have been taken from us.

The fact that perhaps tens of thousands of New York professionals — doctors, nurses and teachers to name a few — are choosing to walk away from six-figure careers because of vaccine mandates would have been unthinkable in January.

The fact that New York Governor Kathy Hochul could sign an executive order to allow herself to use National Guard members to work in hospitals looks dictatorial at best. Is there no check and balances anymore?

Why is it that a government worker can ask me for my vaxx card and driver’s license to go to dinner, but it is racist if you ask for ID on Election Day?

Why do we need to share our medical history with a stranger from the local government to go out to a movie?

Why is there no allowances for people who had Covid-19 and have antibodies?

Why is it that NYC Mayor Bill di Blasio never mentions that the Black vaccination rate in the city is only 28%?

Since September 11, 2001 we have seen our rights restricted to the point that we cannot go to a movie theater, the Post Office or a restaurant without professing our obligation to outrageous federal, state and city regulations.

“Where are your papers” appears to be the mandate once you leave your front door.

We the people need to put our foot down and slam the brakes, because our government will not.