Sen. McConnell end this impeachment today

The Senate will reconvene Monday for closing arguments for both sides in the Trump impeachment trial.

The votes on the two articles is slated for Wednesday afternoon following two days of floor speeches from Senators. Sandwiched in between the State Of The Union speech Tuesday evening.

I believe Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell should ask for the votes right after the closing arguments this afternoon. This would allow President Trump to speak to the nation about how the Democrats have lost all sense of fairness.

The vote will certainly be along party lines, but it will allow the investigations to begin on what needs to be looked at, namely Ukraine and what the Democrats have been doing there for years.

Another reason for taking the vote on Monday would be to short-circuit any bogus plans the House Managers have for producing another false narrative through the mainstream media.

I have a sense that the lead stories in Wednesday’s NY Times and/or Washington Post will be another “whistleblower” will come out with another tale of hearing third-hand information on the call or some other misleading detail.

Sen. McConnell, this needs to end now for the good of the country.