Biden’s ‘dark winter’ should send chills through America

So here we are nearly a week into President Biden’s “dark winter” and we have yet to hear about the future.

Biden has certainly done much looking backwards by undoing a record 33 of President Trump’s executive orders, but not many thoughts on what lies in the future.

Sure the left will now allow a man, who identifies as a woman, to compete in female sports. That was very important. I believe no male should be allowed to compete in women-only sports. It is unjust. Identify as you wish, but not in order to play sports.

Quick question, how come no females identify as a man to compete in sports? Probably because it would be difficult to be competitive given the biological differences?

We have a date certain for Trump’s impeachment trial in the Senate, but no idea when a Covid-19 relief bill will be brought for a vote.

Perhaps we will have to wait until February 23 when Biden addresses a joint session of Congress. While not called a State of the Union speech, it’s thought we will get a clearer idea on the “dark winter” ahead of us.

Given the Biden administration’s confusion of how many Covid-19 vaccination doses it has, one can only hope we do not have a dark spring as well.

So with 94 days left will Biden face the future or squander his 100-day honeymoon?