Census will spend billions for bogus data

Someone please explain to me why the US conducts a census every ten years but cannot ask about citizenship. After your name, address and age it is the most important question I would say.

What is the point of counting heads if some of those heads should not be counted because they have no right to be here or to vote?

Well if we count just heads, the areas where undocumented aliens live — generally focused in larger cities — is where Democrats are in control.

If we put a citizen question in and appointed Congressional districts based on only those that can vote, you might get a very different looking makeup in Congress.

So Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts kicked the citizenship question back to Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, who oversees the Census Bureau, to further clarify why this question is important.

I say why spend billions on a headcount that really doesn’t tell you how many legal people live in America?