Not a great way to start the year

Welcome to 2016. Chinese stock markets closed early on the first day of trading as the indices lost nearly 7% on another weak manufacturing report. The Chinese economy has posted 5 straight months of worsening numbers and investors ran out the door on fears of capital controls being instituted barring the sale of shares.

Global markets were selling off on the Asian  contagion with European bourses down more than 2.5%, except Germany, which cratered over 4% on the Chinese slowdown. US markets were taking  losses of 2% in pre-market.

Commodities including oil and gold are up on the news of further Mideast unrest. Saudi Arabia, which I mentioned here in 2016 preview as being a driver in the currency market, and Bahrain have severed diplomatic ties with Iran. Brent and WTI crude soared overnight by 3% but pulled back on the Chinese market implosion.

So my essay on the NFL being on the downside of popularity and how the sport may be a very different game in the next 10 years ran in The New York Post yesterday.

To say it struck a chord would be an understatement, as it generated over 500K uniques, with some of those hits on me being helmet-to-helmet, LOL.

I spoke with many people trying to do the right thing for football athletes and life-long fans, who have become disenfranchised with the state of the game today.

I believe the NFL’s  popularity can be equated to heavyweight boxing during Muhammad Ali’s reign.

The sport went straight downhill with the fans after he left. Did anyone see that coming?

With all the sponsor’s money being poured into the sport and network TV coverage, what happen to boxing?

Boxing is now a niche sport, no longer mainstream because of greed and public’s distaste for the fighters that came after Ali.

Can anyone name one of the possible 6 heavyweight champions of the world today? I can’t and would not even bother looking it up on Google.


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