No one funds too small to care

What to make of this summer of discontent?

Yes we had the Arab Summer, which attempted to modernize the Middle East back in 2014, but the actions this summer across the globe are far different.

Shootings, bombings and an attempted coup in Turkey while seemingly uncoordinated have had an effect on the governments.

Although it is still early the coup in Turkey appears to have moved the government towards a more Islamic bent faster than previously. While Turkey has applied to become part of the EU, this coup appears to have put that thought on the back burner since it appears part of the coup wanted stronger relations with Russia and China through the Silk Road initiatives and will move Ankara to the east.

The horrific Nice attack has moved the Hollande government to issue a state of emergency through the summer, giving it time to combat the far more nationalistic party led by Ms. Pen seeking to exit the EU ultimately.

These events all come on the heels of Brexit and suggest the pendulum is swinging away from a Brussels-led continent an towards a more local rule.

This week we have the Republican presidential convention in Cleveland. I can’t fathom the security nightmare facing law enforcement.

The recent shootings against and by police in the US have divided the nation along economic lines. As the knowledge of income inequality becomes more prevalent, the semi-permanent underclass is at a breaking point. The $15/hour minimum wage will not benefit these people, since work is not an option. The opportunity is not in the offering or the muscle-memory of work is not in their DNA.

The rhetoric of Us against Them has exploded this summer as the White House has tacitly been excusing the acts in the second paragraph of the statement which condemns the act.

The Obama Administration as well as the Hillary Clinton campaign are trying to pin these actions on Donald Trump’s nationalistic bent to his campaign.

But I believe the root cause of this problem can be traced to Federal Reserve actions pointed out in the above link, and the police are just the face that the public sees, which represents the powers that nixes funding the too small to care.


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