Campaign of fears, tears and jeers

I have to say this Presidential election has me so fatigued.

The daily (sometimes hourly) releases of dirt on the candidates, using proxies to deliver the smear, is disheartening for me and I assume for most of the voters who follow this “campaign of fears”.

Both Trump and Clinton have so many negatives piling up in their respective corners that neither is suited to hold the office.

I sense that this already horrible situation will only further spin out of control as we get closer to Election Day.

This campaign is not what America needs right now. We need answers to the problems we face, but we will not hear solutions, we will hear new charges against the other candidate, we will hear alibis against the latest charges, we will hear how awful the other candidate is.

No solutions, no thoughts on plans going forward. Just vitriol and allegations.

We have the final debate coming up, which I do not hold out much hope for a constructive, engaging talk on the solutions to our economic and social problems.

Someone, give me a coping skill to deal with the next three weeks or so before the election. Because I not only need it, I think the nation will need it very soon.


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