Debating the last debate

Wednesday night marks the last presidential debate.

The fireworks should be on full display as both sides look to land a knock out punch.

The idea of either candidate swaying the others’ backers to their side is a bit of folly as this election is so divisive.

The premise of bringing in the undecided voters to your side is sort of muted this year since we get daily missives on each candidates past criminal or civil allegations, which is pushing people away from the process.

So the undecideds, which I believe are fewer than most polls acknowledge, have much to weigh through in order to come to a decision.

Unfortunately the decisions of which candidate to choose is not based on a solid economic plan or a better solution to wars overseas, since these topics are not proffered because the candidates are slinging mud and allegations, not policy thoughts.

Some of these daily charges have been curtailed by the stifling of Julian Assange and Wikileaks internet connection out of the Ecuadorean Embassy in London.

Let me put this down now. If you believe we will have an answer to who won this election on Nov.8th or Nov. 9th or Jan. 12th, you would be wrong.

Whomever “wins” the general election, the other side will make the 2000 election look like a local school board election.

I just cannot see any geniality coming from either side in a concession speech early Wed. morning after the tally.


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