Un-American activities election

Donald Trump wins debate, loses the election. That appears to be the sentiment of the news media.

I’m a bit lost over the brouhaha over the comment that Trump said he would let us know if he accepted the election results.

It’s un-American, appears to be the sentiment on Trump’s comment.

Yet neither side accepted the 2000 election until January 2001 and no one labeled that as un-American.

Given the information we have of how the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton’s campaign conspired to defame and defeat Bernie Sanders, how could you not think there could be something amiss going into this general election.

The thought of being un-American seems to be the unifying meme of this election.

Clinton and and her campaign’s thoughts being published by Wikileaks tells us how the campaign will usurp and rule of law to get to the White House. Trump’s treatment of woman — whether the Clinton campaign brought them to light or not — has been labeled as brutish.

I believe the comment of the night was Trump saying the election is rigged because this woman is allowed to run for president, despite all the charges she faced including lying to the FBI.

As I wrote yesterday, well before the Trump comment, I do not believe this election will be decided or conceded in early November.

I was disappointed with the economic answers. We will grow ourselves out of the problems, is not an answer to our debt levels and oppressive obligations to Social Security and Medicare.

I do not believe our growing employment numbers of waiters and waitresses, bartenders and home health-care workers are not the jobs to bring 3% GDP growth.

Minimum wage workers do not have the ability to spur the growth needed.

Well let’s see what the polls say in the next few days to see which un-American ideas Americans hold dear.


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