Get over the vote, please

Well today’s Election Day and this long nightmare comes to a crossroads.

When will we know the outcome is anybody’s guess. Simply because I don’t believe any of the polls that have been taken.

This election will have pollsters scratching their heads for a long time. Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump need to capture a certain amount of the votes from people who despise them in order to win.

That’s never been the case before. Imagine your campaign is hoping voters close their eyes, hold their noses and pick you is the road to victory.

I believe everyone who can should vote, but I can see why some won’t this cycle since there is no “none of the above” on the ballot.

I am usually a contrarian when it comes to popular thought, so I can still see a Trump victory, because I think the polling is way off.

As I have written you can tell a pollster what they want to hear or think they want to hear, but when the curtain closes it’s  you and your vote.

In any regard, I don’t think we will have a definitive answer on Wednesday. It will go longer than that to have the loser concede.

So enjoy your right to vote and let the fireworks begin (except Clinton cancelled hers).


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