Last election night in the newsroom?

A milestone may have been hit on Tuesday night into Wednesday morning with the election of Donald Trump as president.

I was in the New York Post newsroom on that night just as I was in 1980 during the Ronald Reagan victory and noted how much had changed in the news business.

The number of reporters and editors in the newsroom was 80% less as a guesstimate and there were no “Friends of The Post,” celebrities or other politicians monitoring the returns and coverage as if it were a sports event.

No technology has done away with the jobs as well as the “friends” spectators.

Repacing the grisly campaign veterans, who could tell you where the bodies were buried, with kids. Twentysomethings while working on the website, on their phones Snapchatting about anything but the election.

On Tuesday  like the Reagan election in 1980 a sea change was occurring — where a Hollywood actor — an outsider was going to the White House.

I say all this because as I stood in the newsroom I thought this may be the last Presidential election for this newspaper to print.

I may not have a chance as a now grisly old veteran to say what that piece of information means in the greater scheme, or suggest a headline.

But what was the most troubling scene of the night was the Twentysomethings crying over the results. I thought to myself, what happen to what I was taught? “Without fear or favor.”

Time will tell if this prognostication is correct, but like everything else you can’t go back in time.


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