I spent 8 years with someone who was "Not my President"

I spent the last eight years with a president that certainly did not have an agenda that I could support.

I was looked on as a pariah by the Obama Administration. I was what was wrong with this country.

Unfortunately for me I was born a white male in the early 60’s, so therefore I was privileged and seen as a good revenue source to fund the White House’s socialistic agendas for people who have been less fortunate than I.

Because I stayed in school and studied hard and was able to make a career for myself, I was considered part of the problem and my savings and earnings were going to be used to right this wrong.

Not once over the last eight year did I take to streets to say “This is not my President.” No that’s not how my generation works.

The ranks of the America middle class shrunk by 30% over the time President Obama has been in office, while the lower class grew.

What the administration forgot while attempting to empower the niches of American society is: The middle must hold.

If you don’t have a thriving middle class, you have a bifurcated society of haves and have-nots, like we have today. Under this administration the term “99 percenters” came into vogue because these socialistic policies decimated working Americans, while his monetary policy enriched Wall Street and Silicon Valley.

The Obama  Administration spent the past eight years doubling the national deficit to $20 trillion without one year with 3% GDP growth.

Here’s where the former middle class Americans stand today:

  • Some 95 million Americans can’t find jobs and are out of the workforce.
  • 43 million Americans are on Food Stamps or SNAP as they call it now. Up 20% since the 2008 election.
  • 20% of American families have no one in the workforce.

That is why Hillary Clinton lost. The American middle class did not say “This is not my President” in the streets, they said it loud and clear in the voting booth.

Don’t blame President-Elect Donald Trump for the last eight years, no, look no further than the total repudiation of the Democratic Party and its socialistic policies as the cause for this voter revolt.


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