Can Trump hold the middle?

As I wrote Friday that the liberals who live on the coasts have President Trump in their sights for destruction through the content and comments that is controlled by the Hollywood film, Silicon Valley social media and New York news and publishing operations.

As I wrote before the election the great middle of this country would usher Trump into the White House. The “fly-over” country had enough of the eight years of Obama and the liberal, socialism agenda, which pushed through changes that was in total opposition to their way of life.

They suffered through the Great Recession and loss of job and way of life, while the marginal population received greater rights and privileges.

So the theatrics occurring in Washington with a petulant press corps has no bearing on his support from the middle. It actually may strengthen the support.

The promise of economic and social change are what brought Trump the presidency. Now here is where the rubber meets the road. The tax-cut policy will be Trump’s stumbling block, since it looks as if he will not get the personal tax cuts through this year.

If the administration moves on corporate tax reform without helping people, then the middle will look at it as sell out of their support. They do not want to rehear “trickle down” economics.

A Trump pullback on some of the campaign promises will not placate the messes. The jobs program of bringing good-paying, benefit offering positions to the devastated middle class will not come soon enough for many of those affected. It makes for good headlines, but the time needed to restart the manufacturing sector in fly-over country is only a placebo right now.

Tax reform needs to happen for these supporters. Trump will not hold the middle if he backs away from this promise.


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