White House's daily surprise

President Trump took his message to the airways Thursday to lambaste the left-wing news operations, such as CNN.

Each day from this administration the media witnesses a what can only be called “never before seen from the White House” moment.

Whether this is a benefit for the country is up to the observer. Certainly if you are from the middle of the country you have no problem with the theatrics.

As I wrote before the election, Trump’s support lives more than two hours drive time from the coasts of America. And if you look at the election maps this is true.

However, the media on the two coasts, New York and the news media and Hollywood and its TV shows and films, have the voice to act as the loyal opposition.

If you look at the ratings of these cable news shows, then you can see how marginalized their agenda is playing in middle America. With CNN and MSNBC having less than 800K and 700K viewers respectively during the day, according to the latest numbers, so their reach is very limited.

HGTV has more eyeballs during the day than these two news outlets. The last piece of evidence is Fox being number 1 in the ratings with 1.8M last week.

I would suggest to the Trump team to forget about these news outlets by not putting administration members on their shows and let them stand at the White House gate jumping up and down trying to get a view of what is going on.

Saturday is a case in point. the President will be at a Melbourne, Florida rally, which is listed as an election campaign stop. Trump registered last month for his 2020 run for president.

By doing this the campaign can limit who can cover the event. It’s not an official event, it is by invitation only, so White House reporters do not automatically get credentials.

Again another event that has never happen before this early in a presidential term.



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