Trump can't drain swamp because he is mired in it

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all.

While Patrick is said to have driven the snakes out of Ireland, which is metaphor for the Irish conversion to Catholicism, President Trump is not having as much luck draining the swamp to thoroughly mix that metaphor.

Look at the Trump administration. The president has told Americans what he wishes to accomplish: Reforming ObamaCare, Tax-cut policy, Immigration reform, to name three big ideas.

Now Trump as a business CEO believes he has addressed these matters so why are these measures not happening already? The fact that these measures will not happen — if at all — in the next six months, puts Trump in limbo as far as his initiatives go.

As a chief executive the timeline of change in Washington has to be frustrating Trump. He probably wants to move on to other problems, but can’t because of the “Capitol Controls” put on the executive branch.

So what happens, he gets furious and goes on Twitter to stir up some other issue that he can’t move on just yet. “Obama spied on me at Trump Tower” is a perfect example of this. This probably did happen, but to go off on this in a 140-character rant sans evidence really does complicate matters.

The balance of power doesn’t sit well with Trump and his business experience. Why do we have to haggle with Congress to get something done? How does a federal judge halfway around the world get to tell me I can’t do immigration? These are probably rants that have been heard outside of the Oval Office.

Chief execs in business and Trump in particular don’t hear the word “no” very much. Trump has heard that word more in the last 90 days then probably in his whole life prior.

Trump is trying to produce change for the millions of Americans who have no voice in Washington. Unfortunately DC is a company town, and Trump was not their horse in the race despite republican and democratic labels. No change is the mantra, so Congress and the federal courts will mire the President in the swamp.

To cite US history, the Do-Nothings are back in power and today they are on both sides of the aisle in Congress.

The White House advisors sees this and I believe we will see Trump traveling to the middle of the country to put him in front of his “people” to recharge his resolve. Trump needs to get his ego bolstered by his supporters to try to bring the message that he is trying to affect change, but I am getting stymied by the process.

As the weather warms this Spring we should see some interesting gatherings at stadiums and parks as the Administration tries to get this message to the people.


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