Brexit is just the beginning

Welcome to Brexit and World War III.

It’s not a hot war, it’s an economic war, where debt is the new A-bomb.

The European Union has its seeds in post-WWII Europe, to draw the countries together economically so it would not be in their interests to go to war against each other, i.e. France and Germany.

Well that lasted 70 years, and now the grand experiment has run its course. The EU has no ability to keep the prosperous members from exiting over its socialist backbone. The bringing Germany and France down in order to fund its southern tier of willnots: Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece.

How long will it be before Germany comes to the realization that it cannot continue to fund the EU members on its own? The disdain for immigrants creating ghettos in German cities and towns is out there on the web daily it many news stories and blogs.

Look no further than the stock reaction on Friday. Germany’s DAX was down almost 7% and France’s CAC lost more than 8%, while London’s FTSE only fell by 3.1%. The market knows who the real losers are. Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece all saw double-digit loses on their exchanges.

The open borders policy that the EU has for immigration, which through Muslim terrorists acts, has left EU members open to attacks.

The nationalistic bent being pushed in Britain will spread through the continent, and those countries that can act, will.

So as EU bureaucrats say the parting of the ways with London must happen soon, they say that because Brussels does not want other member states to come to the understanding that the “Great Experiment” has run its course.

Unfortunately for Europe, there is no Marshall Plan for rebuilding the debt-ravaged countries on the continent, since America and Asia have their own debt problems.