Fangs may lead marts south; BTC heads north of $3K

On Thursday, I wrote about hearing on the street that Friday was going to be a difficult day for stocks.

I then wrote on Friday that futures were not showing any worries from either the James Comey testimony, the English election results nor the possible rate hike this week by the Federal Reserve. However, the headline I wrote was “Nothing to see here, please go buy some FANGs”.

Well the FANGs were the problem. The Nasdaq traded lower by 1.8% Friday as Facebook (-3.3%), Apple (-3.8%), Netflix (-4.7%) and Google (-3.4%).

The selloff came from a Goldman Sachs analyst report saying these and other tech firms’ stock prices are getting overvalued and reaching valuations like the pre-Internet bubble burst.

The pullback should not be too much of a surprise since the Nasdaq is up more than 15% year-to-date, which is double the Dow Jones industrial average’s gains over the same period.

Bitcoin spent much of the overnight trading session above the $3K mark, before pulling back to $2995 by 6AM EDT.

The cryptocurrency is finding strength on each pullback, which for a market technician means there’s a large base being formed. This base is allowing for $80-$100 spikes in daily pricing like we saw Sunday.

Weekends are still the best price appreciation days since the buying does not need any major trading outpost such as London, New York or Hong Kong to execute the trade.

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