Goodell’s backing of Anthem assault may backfire.

As I wrote Sunday morning before the Anthem Assault began in earnest, Is this the hill the NFL wants to die on?

Roger Goodell, as NFL Commissioner has made the owners plenty of money of the last 10 years, but is now looking at the second year in a row of falling TV ratings.

Through his office the league settled a lawsuit brought by retired players for $1 billion to help those injured and unable to live normal lives.

He has also faced a handful of retired players suicides, with the victims requesting that their brains be examined for Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), the injury from suffering multiple concussions.

The domestic and spousal abuse charges brought against a dozen or so players in the last two years have also given the league more bad headlines.

So now the NFL, which relies mostly on the public to finance their stadia and practice facilities along with public transportation to its games, feels it is with the people in disgracing the flag and assaulting the National Anthem in the name of free speech.

As I wrote yesterday, if there is a First Amendment cause for the NFL Commissioner to take up, then its the question why no NFL owner chose to offer Colin Kaepernick a contract.

The real answer will come today, when the overnight ratings come in. How did middle America, both economically and geographic, take to the widespread Anthem Assault, which began early in the morning in London, England.

3 thoughts on “Goodell’s backing of Anthem assault may backfire.

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