Plenty of cheap NFL tickets were available on Sunday

I will always let the marketplace have the last word.  It’s the final arbiter of price discovery. It’s crowd-sourced data, before that was even an expression.

So Sunday morning I went on a number of NFL ticket reseller sites to see what was available and at what price.

At MetLife Stadium, where NY Jets were playing the Jacksonville Jaguars, there were $15 seats all the way down to the lowest level. On a beautiful Sunday. Out of town games where even cheaper.

The Jet tickets had a face value of $225 or so and probably came with additional personal licencing fees as well, making the ticket seller lose much more in value. To be able to pick them up for $15 was a steal. And there were plenty of them.

The online ticket reseller TickPick told The Washington Examiner that NFL game ticket resales have dropped 18 percent from last weekend’s sales, which is far more of a drop off than last year’s 10.8 percent decline following the third weekend of games.

We will not have the TV ratings for the weekend game until later today, but as I wrote last week, is this the hill NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell wants to die on?

1 thought on “Plenty of cheap NFL tickets were available on Sunday

  1. Good, let Goodell die on the hill he created. As much as he’s screwed things up there’s no way he should still have a job yet the geniuses called owners in the NFL want to give him a contract extension. Amazing.


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