NFL may not be able to get up after taking a knee

Is this the hill the NFL wants to die on?

Disrespecting most of its fan base by protesting during the National Anthem, could be seen as kneeing the American people in the groin.

Standing for the National Anthem is not a 1st Amendment issue, nor is it an attempt to silence dissent. This is paying respect to our country and the men and women who have lost their lives to defend it.

If the NFL owners were so concerned about free speech and the rights of the individual, then why has no one brought Colin Kaepernick into camp or signed him to a contract?

The Pittsburgh Steelers have said Sunday morning that they — as a team — will not come out of the locker room until after the anthem. Really, is that what the Steeler fans want to see from their team? Of course they are on the road in Chicago so the initial blow back will be subdued.

The last time I checked President Trump, like Kaepernick, had the right to voice his opinion. That’s the first Amendment.

However, now the NFL disrespecting the flag to lash out at the President’s statements that’s not free speech, that’s un-American.

3 thoughts on “NFL may not be able to get up after taking a knee

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