Internet Bill of Rights coming to social media platforms

If we have learned anything coming out of the 2016 presidential election, it is that social media is neither social or media.

While the First Amendment protects Americans against government infringement of free speech, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube Snapchat, Instagram and the like have no obligation to protect your rights as a corporation.

As Silicon Valley group think companies, these firms have a liberal bias at the top, which permeates the biases on what thought or speech gets banned on their platform.

So into this backdrop is the push for the Internet Bill of Rights being pushed by conservative, right-leaning groups.

The argument of these companies becoming so ingrained into the American culture, that they have so much data on its users from political viewpoint, sexual orientation, financial status, hobbies, friends network, medical status and a 1,000 other aspects that make us, us.

While the above list encapsulates the social aspects of the genre, the media part is much more wanting.  The numbers are staggering in the number of Americans who use these platforms for their primary source of news.

As we continue to see how these platforms — especially Facebook — were  manipulated by third-party, biased providers to get their “news” out to the masses. These stories as the stand, were not stories you would find in traditional news outlets, because the “news” would not stand up to the rigors of newsroom questions.

However the news could be posted on social media, gathered support and spurned so many follow-up reports, that the “news” eventually would arrive on main street news not as the original story, but as a way of covering the phenomenon of the “news”.

The Internet Bill of Rights would provide among other protections — the ability of these platforms from demonitizing and banning speech not conducive to the Silicon Valley group think.

I believe the Internet Bill of Rights will become a larger issue in the coming months once the Trump Administration gets its appointments onto the Federal Trade Commission, since that’s where this will be brought up, not the Federal Communications Commission.

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