Street sees “storm” coming at Amazon

Well, I guess my writing on Amazon and its duplicitous entries into our homes here and here were a good tip on what the market thought of the stock.

A week ago shares were trading at $1,574 today they will open at about $1,360. This has very little to do with CEO Jeff Bezos delivery mechanism. Bezos has many equally effective ways — including his own trucking firms — to get his products to your doorstep.

No, this is what he and other Silicon Valley “social” platforms do with the huge amounts of user data they amass. Why does Amazon have one of the largest cloud-based services in the world?

Well its not only for the CIA, which contracts out to Amazon its cloud-based access and backup storage, but for its own user data. Google, Apple also have huge server farms across the US for their cloud initiatives.

We are only seeing the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Facebook and its data mining and data selling. There is plenty more to come out in regards to the 2016 presidential election and Amazon is in the thick of it.

These particular actions may include some reporting that ran in the Washington Post, which Bezos owns.

All these revelations on privacy violations from the left-leaning Valley types are coming out of The White House either directly or indirectly as a result of their own probes into election fraud.

I believe the US Postal Service tweet that President Trump put out over the weekend was but the first salvo and put Bezos on notice that a storm could be headed his way.

Trust me the Street is not worrying about a slight margin squeeze on Amazon’s delivery costs. By punishing the shares by $200 over three days, traders see far more dark clouds ahead for the company.

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