Uncovering magazine’s biases: Melania has yet to be on any cover

I assigned a story for Sunday’s New York Post Business section that took off on the web producing such large numbers on the web, it even surprised me.

The topic is one that the paper covers regularly, media and publishing. Most of the stories these days are the troubles with once household names like Time magazine, Newsweek, Cosmopolitan, Vogue and other once valuable publishing properties.The story I asked reporter, Alexandra Steigrad, to write was the left leaning bias of the publishers — Conde Nast, Time Inc., and the like — when it comes to featuring First Lady Melania Trump on their covers.

My premise to Alexandra was that these publishers and creative executives are so wrapped up in the Democratic Party, that 18 months into Donald Trump’s presidency,  Melania has not been featured on an US mass market magazine cover.

Conde’s Anna Wintour and Graydon Carter, who formerly ran Vanity Fair had Michelle Obama featured many times on their covers in 2008-2009. By-the-by they were also political contributors and Presidential Ball advisors to Obama.

So insular is the world of these magazine executives that they don’t care for most of America the so-called Red States. Their US interactions consists of meetings in NYC, LA and weekends in the Hamptons or Aspen.

I believe if Melania was married to a Democrat, then she would have been on dozens of magazine covers by now.

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