Bezos, Schultz and their pure hypocrisy in Seattle

The hypocrisy of Jeff Bezos and Howard Schultz is so absolutely delicious.

The blowback Amazon and Starbucks are giving the city of Seattle over a new tax being levied on employers to help fund homelessness programs in the city is classic “do what I say, not what I do”.

The far more water-down measure adds an additional $300 per employee working in Seattle for large corporations based there.

It’s gotten so ugly out there that Amazon halted construction on a new planned corporate headquarters over the new tax to threaten the city to change the measure.

It’s fine for Bezos’s Washington Post to take President Trump to task over dreamers and DACA and a host of other liberal-minded measures, but don’t charge the Amazon CEO directly to fund these socialistic programs.

It’s perfectly okay for Schultz to change Starbucks bathroom policy after two African-American men were taken out of a store by police in Philadelphia, but he does not wish to help the homelessness in the city that helped him create his empire.

Both men were front and center for many of President Obama’s more liberal measures that benefited their companies, while fighting in the background for raising the minimum wage.

Don’t get me wrong I, don’t believe in wealth redistribution by penalizing success, but the point here is that these two CEOs have spoken positively to that premise as long as it did not affect them directly.

Pure hypocrisy.

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