This trade war is about nationalism, not steel

I have to laugh at the reaction to the alleged trade wars on the hike in tariffs.

“Oh Canada is going to charge us more for maple syrup!” “French wine prices will rocket!”

Listen there’s nothing to fear in the trade war, since it’s really more a skirmish than a war. The US has been getting beat up for years on steel prices alone.

The idea that anyone in the world would not trade with the US over a trade war is ridiculous since we are the largest buyer of whatever someone is selling.

And we have more of what the world wants generally than any other country, think corn and soy.

The entire world — despite a push by some for a globalist agenda — is moving towards nationalistic bent. There are too many outcasts in a global economic model to make it successful on grand stage.

Look at Italy waving its hand in a manic gesture of nationalism in its latest election fiasco. Moving away from the euro, threatening to deport hundreds of thousands illegal aliens.

Not so quietly immigration policies in the EU are being questioned by the populace as countries from Greece to Sweden are seeing their way of life changing for the worse in the last 5 years. Nationalistic pride developed over thousands of years being wiped out in less than a decade.

While here in the US — where immigration was in the forefront in the 2016 election — the trade/tariff issue is more about jobs. This tilt toward nationalism and reviving the shuttered rust belt steel industry has greater implications for the Midwest than just raising steel prices for US imports.

The region is so devastated by opioid addiction that getting these people a glimmer of hope for the future is worth so much more. Vast areas of western Pennsylvania through southern Illinois have been so crippled by industry leaving and a way of life that vanished, something had to be done to tip the scale the their direction.

So while the globalist and their leftist mouthpieces in the media talk of the dreaded tariffs and trade wars, President Trump and leaders of other countries in the EU are sticking with the side of the losers in doing what’s right for their citizens.

The pendulum swings both ways and now its headed back towards nationalism.

Damn what the price of maple syrup is. I personally get mine from New Hampshire.

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