Being conservative is very costly in Hollywood ask Roseanne

You pay dearly for being a conservative artist these days.

So Samantha Bee called Ivanka Trump a feckless c–t. Advertisers pull ads over the taped commentary and yet she is still on TV after apologizing for the tasteless joke.

Bill Cosby a convicted rapist still has his reruns being played on TV.

Keith Olbermann calling President Trump a motherf—er in numerous tweets. Yet the liberal “sports” commentator gets resigned by ESPN — owned by Disney and led by Bob Iger who fired Roseanne Barr.

The President has asked Iger on Twitter where is his public apology. But all you hear is crickets.

Bill Maher compares the president to an orangutan.

Barr, Ambien tweeter, booted off the air for a remark — that I can’t condone — despite apologizing sees her 20-year-old reruns also taken off the air.

Her biggest crime is being conservative in some of her views in Hollywood.

Barr is paying dearly, which is a complete double standard when meting out discipline by the thought police or the social justice warriors.

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