A timeline for the fall fireworks and Gitmo

President Trump speaking last night at a rally in Indiana said this about Hillary Clinton.

“Look what she is getting away with, bit let’s see if she gets away with it? Let’s see.”

He went on further to say: “All I can say is, our Justice Department and our FBI, at the top of each because inside they have incredible people, but our Justice Department and our FBI have to start doing their job and doing it right and doing it now because people are angry,” Trump said.

“What’s happening is a disgrace. And at some point, I wanted to stay out, but at some point if it doesn’t straighten out properly, I want them to do their job, I will get involved and I’ll get in there if I have to.”

In March the White House issued a new Executive Order altering some language to the Uniform Code of Military Justice so that the detention center at Naval Base Guantanamo Bay will remain lawfully open superseding an earlier Obama administration order. Some of the sections of the Executive Order goes into effect on Jan. 1, 2019.

And secondly, the Executive Order clarifies the procedures for an American citizen to be sent to Naval Base Guantanamo Bay when charged with sedition, treason and espionage and prosecuted before a military tribunal. It also reportedly clarifies language that a Presidential pardon has no standing before a military tribunal when the charges are sedition, treason and/or espionage.

Is this what is holding Trump back from releasing the unredacted report from the DOJ’s Inspector General? I’m unclear if the changes made in the Executive Order go into effect upon signing or Jan. 1? There’s language in the order that suggests March 3, 2018 is the date where some of these changes take effect.

Certainly all the orders about Naval Base Guantanamo Bay remaining lawfully open and authorizing the new construction took effect in March and I have written about that.

His frustration with AG Jeff Sessions appears to be genuine, but it may be a smokescreen to delay the charges being filed until after the new military tribunal prosecution rules go into effect. Remember Trump has said Sessions will stay through the midterms.

The timeline for this fall may look something like this:

Mid-to-late October: Damning information from the DOJ’s Inspector General report will be leaked implicating ex-FBI chief James Comey with foreknowledge on Hillary Clinton’s alleged treasonous acts and payments to the Clinton Foundation.

This will have a dramatic effect on the mid-term elections. Both House and Senate stay in control of the Republicans by an even wider majority.

Nov. 11, 2018: The unredacted FISA report from the DOJ’s Inspector General will be released implicating scores of Obama administration officials as well as the known  leadership of the DOJ and FBI during the Obama presidency.

Nov. 22, 2018: Special counsel Robert Mueller will drop his Russian Dossier/Collusion probe as it becomes apparent that it was a Democratic smokescreen to throw the election to Hillary. It will be a monumental moment on the 55th anniversary of John F Kennedy’s assassination.

By the time the smoke clears and the charges are drawn up against all the principals, we are into 2019 and all is on plan.

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