May I have the envelopes please at George HW Bush’s funeral

Here is the latest update from April 29, 2019 on why Vice President Mike Pence’s wife got an envelope.

Two special updates from the President on the envelopes.


======================SPECIAL SUNDAY POST========================

At President George H.W. Bush’s funeral on December 5th there was odd occurrences that really was missed by many in attendance or watching on TV.

I’m not speaker of the younger President Bush passing a mint to Michelle Obama while he was greeting her.

Many of the former presidents’ wives received an envelope in their program, which depending on the individual, brought shock and disbelief to their faces immediately after reading the note inside the envelope.

Hillary Clinton, Jill Biden, Michelle Obama, Laura Bush and very surprisingly Karen Pence all had envelopes in their programs.

Now what this tell me is that their Secret Service details were aware of the situation, since they would have checked the programs before hand. Also on what orders were they given to leave the programs alone and not check the envelopes for explosives or poison powder.

I have embedded videos of most of the women opening the envelopes. One funny aside is Former President Jimmy Carter sitting next to Hillary and seeing the envelope fall out of the program thumbs through his program only to find no envelope and then turns to his wife Rosalynn and asked if she received one. Of course they did not get one.

The reaction of Hillary Clinton is pretty mundane, and when first I saw it I figured they were invited to a private affair after the church service. Michelle Obama the same thing.

Jill Biden was more shocked it seemed as Joe took it from her hand.

Bush the most dramatic response came from Laura Bush and the reaction of Jeb Bush when he saw the note. Jeb was crestfallen while George Bush just closed his eyes and lowered his head.

The only answer to what was on the notes comes in a post during a Q&A session last week.

Q: What were in the envelopes ???

A: Our promise to ‘counter’.

Not surprisingly we were told earlier to “Follow the wives.”

All I can say is that’s a scene right out of the “Godfather”. At the funeral mass, you take them out. Bravissimo.

I posted an update on Dec. 29th.

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21 thoughts on “May I have the envelopes please at George HW Bush’s funeral

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  4. Hi. These envelopes are indeed mystifying. GWBush did not give Michelle Obama a mint. You can see in one of the many YouTube videos that she did not put anything in her mouth AND that a close-up of her hand shows corners, as in a folded-up piece of paper. Thanks.


    • The reason why a select few of the wives received envelopes is because they only went to “The Mothers of Darkness” If you don’t understand what that means you most likely don’t understand what a “Thousand Points of Light” means either, connect the dots….
      You are enjoying the show? I am.

      Liked by 1 person

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  7. “Q: What were in the envelopes ???
    A: Our promise to ‘counter’.”

    I’m trying to understand the meaning. Counter attack? Counter as in rebuke? Revenge?

    Thanks for any tip.


      • Thanks Michael, but why the wives – did Trump verbally attack all of them, including Pence? I’m sorry, I still can’t find a context for that. It could be the GHWB himself had something to be forgiven for? But then why leave Melania out. Or could the note have come from Trump?

        Thanks again, I’m trying to connect the dots. Your blog came up in my Google search results.


      • The notes was from President Trump to alert the wives what was coming. The counter — since they were unaware of the consequences of their spouses actions. The possible exception would be Hillary.


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