Trump takes Smollett, Chicago to woodshed

President Trump in his Grand Rapids, Michigan speech Thursday night attacked the fiasco that is the Jessie Smollett hoax case.

Smollett, who is black and gay, claimed in January that two masked men jumped him while shouting racist and homophobic slurs and put a noose around his neck — but the case quickly unraveled under police and media scrutiny.

The President embolden that he was exonerated after almost two years of scrutiny by Democrats asked, “How about Chicago? He said he was attacked by MAGA country,” Trump said, referring to Smollett’s alleged attackers who he claimed yelled the phrase at him. “That’s a terrible situation. That’s an embarrassment not only to Chicago, that’s an embarrassment to our country.”

Like most things about the Alt Left these days, Smollett’s story fell apart under little scrutiny.

However the Obamas’ Chicago mob went to work to get Smollett off the hook.

Earlier this week, Illinois State Attorney Kim Foxx dropped all 16 charges against Smollett. It was later discovered that Foxx is a very close friend to former Michelle Obama chief of staff Tina Tchen and that there were text messages between the two women in regards to Smollett.

Although Foxx allegedly recused herself from the case, there are texts suggesting she pulled some strings within the state attorney’s office to shut down the investigation.

Tchen is also a childhood friend to Amy Ruhl, who is Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s wife. So Emanuel’s shock over the announcement of the dropping of the charges doesn’t really ring true to me. Although he stated Thursday he would charge Smollett $130,000 for the wasting of city resources incurred while investigating this non-crime.

On Thursday Smollett’s lawyer — who does not merit to be named — suggested that the two black brothers from Nigeria may have been wearing “White Face” to perpetuate the alleged crime. Oy.

And putting a cherry on top of this charade Smollett’s case in January was cited by Sens. Kamala Harris and Cory Booker’s to help pass a Senate bill to label lynching as a hate crime.

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