Congress eyes Mueller report collusion with Obama intelligence chiefs

In a case of sweet irony, a group of Congressmen are looking into whether Special Counsel Robert Mueller lied in his report on the Trump campaign’s alleged Russian collusion.

The lawmakers say Mueller’s report shows very little investigation into the affair, but instead relies on press reports from the New York Times, Washington Post and several alt-left cable networks.

In all, there are over 200 footnotes in part A of Mueller’s report citing these biased outfits to support the FBI thesis that there was collusion. However, these reports were not based on investigations, but were given to the media by Obama intelligence officials to further the narrative and to be used as supporting documents to illegally obtain spying approval from the FISA court.

This is the circle logic used by Mueller and his team of investigators used. They may have looked, but did not include verifying the legimacy of the Steele dossier.

Mueller’s report did not probe Obama’s intelligence chiefs and their roles in the spying on Americans. Ex-CIA Director John Brennan or spy chief James Clapper were excluded from the report.

The report did not intensively look into Joseph Mifsud, the alleged Russian operative who supposively told Trump associate George Papadopoulos that the Russians had valuable information on Hillary Clinton.

The FBI interview of Mifsud does not mention that he is a western operative working out of the Rome, Italy was in Washington DC for the interview. Mifsud is a “Maltese counterintelligence guy,” according to Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani.

I believe Mifsud’s name will become a household name after all the illegal spying information is released this summer.

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