Nadler, Pelosi cannot hold back ex-FBI Director Comey’s downfall

I had to to laugh Wednesday watching Representative Jerry Nadler and his partisan Democrats attempt to muddy the waters around Attorney General William Barr.

So desperate was their lame attempt to paint Barr as a shill for President Trump that they actually voted to hold the AG in contempt for failing to abide by a subpoena to turn over an unredacted version of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report to Congress. Knowing full well he could not turn it over since that would violate the protected speech in the report.

“The attorney general is protecting information, grand jury information, confidential information that he cannot release. The fact that the chairman knows that and continues to ignore it is absolutely absurd,” said White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders in defense of Barr.

Just prior to the Barr vote by the House Judiciary committee, the White House asserted executive privilege over the contents of Mueller’s report on Russian collusion and obstruction. Thereby clearing Barr again of having to release the unredacted report.

On Wednesday morning it was reported that Barr received a standing ovation when he entered a Cabinet meeting at the White House.

Republicans on the Judiciary committee Mark Meadows and Jim Jordan among others defended Barr’s decision and explained afterwards that the hearing was really a smoke and mirrors campaign by the Dims (stet) to sway the public prior to the damning release of notes and texts from disgrace FBI Director James Comey.

In this report it will lay out that Comey knew the Russian collusion fable was just that a fable and yet continued with the probe despite the fact, which led to Comey’s firing by Trump on the recommendation of former Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

The report will also show that Comey was aware prior to Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz acknowledgement in June 2016  that FBI lawyer Lisa Page and FBI Agent Peter Strzok were highly partisan against Trump and romantically involved, but did nothing to remove them from the probe.

According to Meadows this report on Comey will come out in the next few days. I believe it will be Monday, May 13.

So let Congressman Nadler and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi have their moment — because that is all it is — and let’s see how the nation feels when all the real dirt on collusion and spying begins to come out next week.

1 thought on “Nadler, Pelosi cannot hold back ex-FBI Director Comey’s downfall

  1. Was glad to hear of the standing ovation for Barr!!! AIM4Truth put out two videos recently with what a friend of mine calls…Maga Memes!!! It is good to be able to laugh at all the craziness going on around us!!! 😉


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