The ultimate goal with news drops is winning 2020 election

Monday morning brings the promise of a news drop concerning ex-FBI Director James Comey.

Not sure of the schedule for this revelation, however i am told it will be soon. My belief is that it will have to happen early on in the week in order to get people to focus on the acts committed by the Obama administration’s justice and intelligence chiefs.

The news will need three days to germinate and unfurl for most Americans to understand  what transpired. It cannot be announce later in the week so that it develops over a weekend because most Americans wipe the slate each Saturday and start anew on Monday.

The Comey story will need time to develop in citizens minds of how horrific the crimes were against a newly elected president and his staff and the Constitutional crisis America suffered under before and after the 2016 presidential election.

So with that being said, will we get a news drop this week? Hard to say. Too many moving parts. I am told that the Comey report with referrals for criminal indictments will come before the release of the unredacted FISA warrant applications.

Both the Comey reports and the FISA court news will astound most Americans but the timetable for release has to work with the larger plan of the re-election in 2020. That is the ultimate goal on all this news.

So Monday morning brings the promise, but it just may not be this Monday.


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