Awaiting the boom to discover Comey is the keystone

Another week goes by without the release of the much awaited FISA declassification.

While we are told that the report on ex-FBI Director James Comey and his alleged constitutional crimes need to be released first, before we can see the broader crimes contained in the FISA warrants.

Now we know that Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz has already determined that the FISA renewal applications were fraudulent and we are awaiting determination on the original request — but we can assume it was.

Not sure how long it will take US federal attorney John Durham out of Boston to get up to speed with Horowitz’s probe, but the first boom could be the IG’s report referring charges to Durham before official charges come out.

As I wrote on Monday, I believe Comey is the Keystone that Q is pointing to as the key to the unraveling of Spygate. Comey links the corrupt FBI leadership with the Obama administration executive branch and congressional criminals.

The drops this week were put out to cause the panic we are witnessing all week on the alt-left cable media.

You see Comey, you see ex-CIA Director John Brennan, you see ex-DIA chief James Clapper all on TV pleading their case to the choir that what they did was legal. In their scramble to profess their innocence, I’m sure further evidence was picked up to prosecute them.

I’ll take this weekend to enjoy family as my youngest graduates from college, and come back Monday with the hope we get the Comey Boom early next week.

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