No smoking gun docs will be released right away due to Trump’s declass

First off I would like to thank the families of all the military service men and women who made the supreme sacrifice for our country. My prayers are with you.

Next I would like to clarify a point that many commentators are missing when it comes to declassification of the FISA warrant applications and other documents President Trump turned over to Attorney General William Barr on Friday.

The President already declassified all the documents last year. He gave the task of releasing the information to DNI chief Dan Coats, who slooooow walked the documents and did not release much of anything to federal investigators.

What the President did on Friday was to bypass Coats and give the power to investigate the documents to AG Barr. This is the only way Barr and his team of investigators can see all the documents in real time.

It is now up to Barr’s team to bring charges off of these documents. He can now release the documents to investigators to probe the ex-Obama intel and criminal officials involved in the Spygate scandal.

AG Barr will not be releasing documents anytime soon to the public. He needs to bring US federal attorneys John Huber and John Durham and their teams up to speed on the latest information contained in the documents so that they can prepare charges.

It is a process that needs to be done to the letter of the law, since the people indicted off this information will have the best teams of lawyers picking through the process to get charges dropped. It’s their only chance of escaping punishment.

Happy Memorial Day everyone. It should be an interesting summer coming up.


2 thoughts on “No smoking gun docs will be released right away due to Trump’s declass

  1. Interesting?? INDEED!!! Thanks, Michael. Am saving all your posts as it is kind of “walking us through” what is going on….a sort of history of, what I would call, even worse than the Teapot Dome scandal. This HAS to be the worst in American History since Benedict Arnold!!! There is a class of people now who seem not to know what the word TREASON even means; or perhaps it is that their Final Goal has not been that of the average hard working American citizen?!?! In the entire world, it DOES seem now to be Globalists against Nationalists!!

    I am still gobsmacked at the thought of our Wrecking Ball, at his age, putting himself & his family in harm’s way… away his lawful pay…..taking the guff of the press; but remaining true to the people who elected him.!! One thing we need to remember is that if we do not seem to understand some of the public happenings, we must remember that there are many pieces of this puzzle missing, about which the average person would have NO clue!!!

    May our Constitution stand strong & may it, once again, be taught in our schools!!!


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