Barr needed declassification to unleash Huber, Durham

Just want to follow up on Monday’s important post since I received so many questions on the procedure of the declassification.

President Trump had to declassify all the documents before he could charge Attorney General William Barr with heading up the investigation.

Barr — and most certainly his federal attorneys — did not have the clearance to see most of these documents. This was part of the insurance policy the Obama intel and criminal chiefs put in place to “safeguard” against prosecution of spying on Americans.

While Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz and US Attorney John Huber have been probing aspects of the FISA warrant abuses for many months I am sure both have run into roadblocks of obtaining classified documents. Also remember that Horowitz does not have prosecutorial ability.

Barr’s newly appointed US federal attorney John Durham along with Huber will now have the ammunition to bring grand jury indictments against the treasonous actions we have laid out over the last 18 months.

Another interesting aspect of the declassification was that the Energy Department was specifically included in the agencies to fully cooperate with Barr. This tells me that the fraudulent transfer of Uranium to Russia by the Obama administration — including Hillary Clinton and FBI Director James Comey — have another investigation to be worried about.

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