Mueller is the real obstruction for President Trump

As I wrote on Thursday, former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s flip flop on whether to bring obstruction of justice charges against President Trump shows how disingenuous he is.

Mueller told Attorney General William Barr and Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein  that the longstanding recommendation of the Office of Legal Counsel’s of not being able to charge a sitting president  did not figure into his determination on obstruction charges.

The Office of Legal Counsel is part of the Department of Justice that assists the Attorney General’s position as legal adviser to the President and all executive branch agencies.

While Mueller could not bring obstruction charges stemming from his report, he did say there is a Congressional remedy — impeachment — to go after Trump.

Mueller knows there is no evidence to bring criminal charges into a court and would be thrown out, but impeachment is a political charge not subject to evidential rules or subject to appeal.

Mueller’s actions show how disingenuous he is after spending nearly two years and $40 million to find no collusion or obstruction of justice.

1 thought on “Mueller is the real obstruction for President Trump

  1. How deep does The Swamp go??? We should feel very ashamed that the USA is being allowed to be demoted to the class of a “Third World” country!!! Alex Backman did a video on the hordes waiting to INVADE America!!! This IS an invasion! The people on our southern border are living in a State of War….we need to help them!! Even Katie Hopkins went to Brownsville, TX to do an interview! She has been to South Africa, also, to do interviews with the white farmers who are also living in fear for their lives, daily!! Dr. Harry Booyens did a great interview with Sarah Westall concerning this subject. He & his family fled South Africa in 2000. His book & his website are both called “AmaBhulu”.


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