Ex-Met Dykstra spent part of Father’s Day in Dumpster

This story does not fit into the rubric of Grayseconomy, but it was too good not to post.

Former NY Met bad boy Lenny Dykstra spent nine hours in a Dumpster on the night before Father’s Day looking for his dentures.

The former All Star player was eating at a Mike’s sub shop in Linden, New Jersey on Saturday.

“The bread is so hard on those subs. I took my teeth out and put them in a napkin, folded it up and forget them there,” Dykstra told NJ.com

Dykstra says the dentures were made with bone marrow and cost $80,000.

“When I went back, the workers said they threw all the napkins in the garbage. I told them there was no f—- way I was leaving without my f—- teeth,Dykstra continued.

“I was there for nine hours. I thought the cops were going to arrest me for trespassing. I wasn’t leaving my teeth there in the dumpster. No way was I leaving them,” he concluded.

Lenny got his $80K choppers.

Dykstra lost his teeth “after jail guards in Los Angeles beat him in his cell”, according to his autobiography.

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