AOC’s border photo-op is just a crying shame on her

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s photo-op at the border, which went viral on Thursday, fell flat as some outtakes from her tearful image at the chain link fence showed she was weeping over a Ford SUV being parked on the other side.

Perhaps the Congresswoman was weepy because she used this staged event from 2018 outside Tornillo, Texas to take advantage of the dreadful photo of a man and child dead at the side of a river at the border earlier this week.

However to show her insincerity,  AOC’s tears were spilled for a near-empty parking lot with an open gate as this image below shows.








Conservative commentator and political activist Candace Owens took AOC to task over the photo shoot (see below).

She posed outside a inner-city public school with a chain link fence holding her face in her hands over the conditions in these schools. Chiding the liberal media to make this tweet go viral.

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