During research I found a person named Mifsud-Buttigieg

Over the weekend I was researching Joseph Mifsud the Maltese professor, who the Democrats alleged was a Russian spy.

It turns out that if Mifsud was working for anyone it was MI6 and US intelligence to rope in Trump campaign aide Geprge Papadopoulos.

Needless to say I could not find much on Mifsud since he has gone missing since Nov. 2017.

However I did come across a name which really piqued my interest. That is  Mary Mifsud-Buttigieg living in Michigan. What are the odds of a American having both names despite the fact that Mifsud and Buttigieg are Maltese surnames.

Mary Mifsud-Buttigieg is not active on social media, her last post on Facebook was in Nov. 2015 and there is nothing on her timeline that suggests any connection with either more famous people with those surnames in the immediate past.

She has plenty of Buttigieg friends (not Mayor Pete though), but only two Mifsud friends. A young woman named Miriam Mifsud, who’s last post is ironically Nov. 2017 and Charmaine Mifsud, who has no activity on Facebook since 2009.

It just caught my eye and I wanted to share it.

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