It’s really debatable if the Dems even have a viable 2020 candidate

After two nights of showing America what the Democratic party will bring to the 2020 presidential election, the overarching themes seem to be: Big government, victims, and free stuff.

How can these people think for a moment they will resonate with Americans when they spend their precious air time pushing for transsexual abortions. How does even the most moderate Republican wrap his or her brain around that concept.

I was intrigued by Marianne Williamson — with her one response I believeĀ  –saying American does not have health-care plan but it has a sick-care plan with the environment causing much of the nation’s illness.

Now don’t get me wrong, I do not think Williamson has a chance — just like all the other candidates in the general election — but she is raising issues not heard from the left.

Kamala Harris appears to be ready to give Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders a run for their money through her preparation and presentation.

After watching the two nights, I come away believing that the biggest winner for 2020 presidential election is Donald Trump.

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