Trump gets out the broom for White House NSC holdovers

It was refreshing to hear President Trump did the White House housecleaning I asked for on Monday.

National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien slashed 70 Obama personnel holdovers from NSC positions, it was announced Monday. This comes after Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman and his twin Lt. Col. Yevgheny Vindman were escorted out of the administration on Friday.

We also had Attorney General Bill Barr announced on Monday that it was working with Rudy Giuliani and his investigation into Joe and Hunter Biden’s involvement with Ukraine.

Within minutes of this statement, Rep. Jerry Nadler was asking for Department of Justice to provide the House Judiciary committee with details of what information Giuliani has and why the AG is going around normal prosecution protocols.

Nadler doesn’t want to investigate the Bidens, he only wants to probe the people looking into the Bidens.

It is my belief that Giuliani also has the information on the CrowdStrike servers in the Ukraine and its use as an encrypted communications hub for all the covert arms, energy and drug trafficking being run out of Ukraine.

This will implicate the Atlantic Council and its involvement as a revolving door for the former NSC members to continue cashing in on Ukraine-based covert actions in central Asia, Middle East and northern Africa.

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