Who is weaponizing July 4th?

After an action-packed day on Tuesday, which saw global chaos from Washington DC to Brussels and Moscow, the news may be slowing as the July 4th holiday begins.

President Trump has tweeted how grand the DC celebration will be and yet MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC and PBS will not be airing live coverage of the event. The hashtag #BoycottTrump4thOfJuly is of course trending on Twitter.

As I wrote Tuesday even the Washington Post Editorial Board came out against the Independence Day celebration lamenting in part about the Lincoln Memorial steps being closed during the fireworks display.

Unbelievable the depths that the Alt-Left media will go to in order to smear Trump and weaponize the holiday, more so than bringing tanks on The National Mall or having an Air Force I flyover.

While I do not believe there will be any meaningful violence during the day, there are organizations pushing for action to mar the event.

Lastly, I think Trump knows just how to play this speech. It will not have a political point of view. It will focus on what makes America great outside of his contributions. What it means to be American with all the rights and duties that come with it.

This speech will not degenerate the Dems directly. No it will point out what makes America great, leaving it to the listener to realize that the Left’s actions are polar opposite to those tenets.

3 thoughts on “Who is weaponizing July 4th?

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