Global political divide fueling shootings

The tragic shootings in El Paso, TX and Dayton, OH over the weekend are the newest examples of a global unrest.

On Monday, Hong Kong Mayor Carrie Lam stated that she believes the city is teetering on the verge of “a very dangerous situation,” as three-month-old political protests come to a head over mainland China’s crackdown on opposition to a proposed bill that would have people in Hong Kong be extradited to the mainland for criminal or political trials.

Hundreds of thousands of protesters have clogged the Hong Kong streets disrupting daily life and commerce in the beacon of quasi-capitialism Chinese outpost.

In France, the Yellow Vests protests are entering the 39th week taking to the streets of Paris and other cities. The strikes were original over higher fuel taxes for farmers and rural users, but have moved to combat broader socialist measures brought by the Emmanuel Macron government.

Neither of these protests get any coverage here in the states

Coming back to the US, the current political divide appears to be fueling what occurred over this weekend, especially in the Dayton shooting. The shooter Connor Betts, 24, was a follower of left-wing activists on Twitter as well as supporting Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders.

And yet alt-left “journalists” are trying to label Betts a white supremacist, since a majority of the nine people killed  and the more than two dozen wounded in the early Sunday slaughter were black.

On the other side of the political divide,  Patrick Crusius, 21, reportedly posted a 2,300-word anti-immigration screed mentioning the Hispanic invasion along the southern border.

Looking ahead, there is said to be big news to break in the coming weeks with charges being unveiled of corruption by officials in the Obama administration. What could this create in the US during the late summer and fall?

Given the global political unrest in the EU and Asia, could the US also begin choosing up sides?

Let’s hope not, but please be aware.


1 thought on “Global political divide fueling shootings

  1. Right on!!! “See something, Say something!!!” It is SO sad to see people being killed who have absolutely nothing to do with the “divides” being caused by the “elite” players in this tragedy!! We just have to “get through” whatever is coming our way & be thankful that we DO have warriors such as Bill Binney & many others whose names I don’t remember! 😉 Something IS being done about the octopus that has been strangling decent, too-trusting people for so many decades!!
    Prayers, or ‘focused intention’, whatever one calls them, DO help!! We are on the Winning Side!!!


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