FBI report gives a hat tip to real conspiracies

The Phoenix off of the FBI issued a intelligence bulletin at the end of May stating that some conspiracy theories could lead to domestic terrorist attacks.

In it’s report the bureau cites these groups, which includes Q-Anon followers, however the report does not mention Antifa — the ultra left-wing group. While there have been lone incidents where a terrorist cited Q-Anon, such as the gunman that closed the Hoover Dam roadway for a few hours, the masked rioters called Antifa, who are clubbing people on city streets, do not warrant inclusion in this report.

In fact most of the six references to Pizzagate in the Q drops are citing mainstream media articles trying to make a connection between the two when none really exists.

What the FBI report fails to mention is the 56 drops citing convicted sex offender Jeffery Epstein — including the first mention of his pedo island back in Nov. 2017, well before all the current news broke.

Another interesting part of the report comes in its Outlook section where it states:

Another factor driving the intensity of the conspiracy theorizing in the United States, and the subsequent threat from conspiracy-minded extremists, is the uncovering of real conspiracies and cover ups involving illegal, harmful or unconstitutional activities by government officials or leading political figures.

Whatever you want to call the Q-Anon drops is up to the individual, however there is a wealth of information in these posts that have come out many months before anyone sees it in the news.

I suggest you look through this list to see how spot on many of the drops have been over the last year-and-half before dismissing it entirely.


1 thought on “FBI report gives a hat tip to real conspiracies

  1. Right On!!!! Why bother trying to dismiss Q posts if it’s all just a psyop??!! 😉

    To get a little “handle” on what is going on in the planet’s Big Picture, have a listen to Joseph P. Farrell’s latest “News & Views”!! Makes one wonder if maybe some of our “cousins” aren’t interfering in our affairs because they don’t want their “creation” messed with?! HUH???

    Why else would a man of our Prez’s age put it “all” on the line unless he knew what the outcome would be?!! Looking Glass, anyone?!


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